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Стол под раковину в стиле Loft из металла и дерева | Мебель своими руками

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Work on the frame almost finished. it's gonna be a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet as a birthday present for my friend..

Of course my welding, my welding quality leaves wish for the best.

And some of the seams turned out not perfect But since it is there will be loft style, I want to keep the natural color of the metal. So I'm going to peel it off a little bit and then varnish it..

Then I'll start the wooden part of the cabinet. and it will oak. There will be a table top, shelf, and I will also produce two drawer pull-out.

And all this will take my friend as a gift!.

I continue to work on wood component of the table under the sink.

This oak Board I bought in the company BUMANS I usually buy from their warehouse. because I have almost sell nothing but pine So I take the trailer and go to their warehouse. choose beautiful boards from different types of wood..

I chose for this project oak shield grade C not only because it is cheaper, but also because I am not at all confused by knots in wood,.

And even to loft style, I I think they're great. But since I want to flatten the surface I'll seal off all the irregularities in the form of knots with epoxy resin..

Then all grind and cover with oil It should turn out very nice.

So the Bathroom Vanity Cabinet is ready, immersed in the trailer and now he will go.

In Leningrad oblast there I handed it to her friend!

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